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Dr. Atoz is your host in this fun test of memory matching and spelling. Watch out for Alphy, who is always hungry for letters.
From a grid of 36 tiles, you tap two at a time in an attempt to find a pair of matching letters. When you find a pair, you'll get that letter to use to spell words. In addition to letters, there are also power-up items to find on the board that will assist you. Such as a time increase and a bomb that will explode the remaining tiles on the board to generate a new board.

Alphy is a curious little monster who hangs out on the board. If you get a pair of matching Alphy tiles, he will come out of the machine and eat one of your collected letters.

Words must be three or more letters, and your earn more points based on the number of letters used.

The game ends when the countdown reaches zero, and a final score is calculated.

The gameplay consists of memory matching and utilizing your collected letters to spell the longest words possible.

Dr. Atoz is a vocal guide in the game and will give you feedback on how well you're doing.

Alpha Pairs is currently in development and will be available by Fall 2022.
Coming Soon
Currently in development and will be available on PC, Mac, mobile and consoles.
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Puzzle, Word Game
Achievements, Controller
Languages Supported
English, French, Japanese