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AwakenHelper Updated to 6.0.2

AwakenHelper was recently updated to version 6.0.2. You can get this update by clicking on “Check for Updates Now…” from the AwakenHelper menu icon, or by downloading the latest version from the Awaken page.

This update fixes a slow startup / hang issue that has been occurring on some systems.

A 6.0.1 update is coming soon for the main Awaken application which will bring speed improvements and corrections for all minor bugs that have been reported to date.

Solution for “No Selection” in Xcode Interface Builder

From Xcode 4.0 and onward (including Xcode 7) I’ve encountered an Interface Builder issue that happens occasionally. The “Attributes Inspector” says “No Selection” when an object is clearly selected. Restarting Xcode, or even rebooting, sometimes does not fix the problem.

Here’s how you can fix it in two steps without even having to restart Xcode:

  • Select another file (which isn’t an Interface Builder type) in the current tab with the issue.
  • Open a new tab and select the Interface Builder file which was having the problem.

Problem solved! If anyone has any input on this issue and solution, let us know in the comments. I haven’t been able to determine what causes the problem, but in every case I’ve seen, the above two steps will get you back on track.

Shuttle Scuttle 1.3.1 Update for Mac Available

Shuttle Scuttle for Mac has been updated to version 1.3.1. This update fixes a crash issue which was occurring on OS X 10.7 systems and we also added support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Shuttle Scuttle for Mac is now just $1.99!

Watch for Shuttle Scuttle coming to Apple TV this fall!