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Solution for “No Selection” in Xcode Interface Builder

From Xcode 4.0 and onward (including Xcode 7) I’ve encountered an Interface Builder issue that happens occasionally. The “Attributes Inspector” says “No Selection” when an object is clearly selected. Restarting Xcode, or even rebooting, sometimes does not fix the problem.

Here’s how you can fix it in two steps without even having to restart Xcode:

  • Select another file (which isn’t an Interface Builder type) in the current tab with the issue.
  • Open a new tab and select the Interface Builder file which was having the problem.

Problem solved! If anyone has any input on this issue and solution, let us know in the comments. I haven’t been able to determine what causes the problem, but in every case I’ve seen, the above two steps will get you back on track.

Shuttle Scuttle 1.3.1 Update for Mac Available

Shuttle Scuttle for Mac has been updated to version 1.3.1. This update fixes a crash issue which was occurring on OS X 10.7 systems and we also added support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Shuttle Scuttle for Mac is now just $1.99!

Watch for Shuttle Scuttle coming to Apple TV this fall!

Awaken 6 for Mac Now Available!

Awaken 6 for Mac is now available as a free major update to everyone.

Download on the Mac App Store



What’s New

  • Refined user interface with Retina display support.
  • New application icon.
  • Redesigned full screen mode.
  • Full screen button added to the main window.
  • Graphite appearance tint support added.
  • Improved iTunes 12 support.
  • Support for alternate iTunes library locations.
  • New “Float on Top” option.
  • A backup alarm sound can now be set in the event there is a problem playing iTunes music.
  • Alarm snooze countdown can now be restarted at anytime.
  • New preview button allows you to preview your music selection and volume settings.
  • Timers continue to countdown when you switch to other areas in the app.
  • A countdown ticking sound added as a preference (with a selection of 4 different sounds).
  • Timers now work in full screen mode, along with keyboard shortcuts for play/pause and switching timers.
  • Support added for Notification Center.
  • New restart button added to allow you to restart the countdown at anytime.
  • Volume and brightness fade out duration can now be set.

AwakenHelper has also been updated. Be sure to “Check for Updates…” using the menu bar icon.

Updating a Subversion Repository URL

If the URL of your Subversion repository changes while you’re working on checked out code, you’ll find that you’re unable to commit your changes.

To solve this problem you need to update the repository URL for the checked out branch. You can do this by following these steps via Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows).

  1. Change to the root directory of your checked source code.
  2. Run the following SVN command:
    svn switch --relocate OLDURL NEWURL

Now your branch will be pointing to the new repository URL and will allow you to commit and update.

Your Subversion URL may change for several reasons, such as a change in protocol from http:// to svn://, or change in domain name or IP address.

Awaken 6 for Mac Beta Round 1

The time is finally here to beta test Awaken 6 for Mac. We’re looking for a wide range of testers to ensure that there are no bugs and to also get your feedback on the many enhancements.

We’ll be doing several rounds of beta testing – in this first round we’re looking for testers that fit this criteria:
– OS X 10.9 Mavericks
– English language

In the next round we’ll be looking for OS X 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6.8 testers as well as other languages.

We’ll be sending out download links within 24 hours for Awaken 6 as well as AwakenHelper 2.

If interested, please email beta@embraceware.com.