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Awaken 7 for Mac

Awaken 7 for macOS is coming for the launch of macOS Catalina. We would like your feedback on the UI design displayed above.

Awaken 7 will be a free major update for all Awaken for macOS users. It is fully optimized for macOS Catalina. This includes full 64-bit support and new features.

If you would like to join the Awaken 7 for macOS beta program, send us a request via support@embraceware.com.


  1. hello I would like to participate in the Awaken 7 beta program. An Imac 2019 model and Catalina Beta 3 are available.
    I bought the Awaken 6 version and wake up every day. Please let me participate in the beta program.
    Many greetings from Dusseldorf Germany.

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