Monthly: February 2013

Pick a Bundle Promotion

Awaken for Mac is currently available as part of the “Pick a Bundle” promotion that is going on right now. This bundle lets you pick any 10 apps from a selection of 30 for just $49.99! Be sure to head over to check out the selection before the deal expires.

If you’re sleepy and you know It… Clap your hands!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could snooze or stop your alarm by clapping your hands? Well now you can – thanks to the people behind the Mac application “iClapper“. All you have to do is download the free iClapper app from the Mac App Store and get the $0.99 in-app purchase to add the […]

Awaken 1.10 for iOS Now Available

Awaken 1.10 for iOS is now available for download at the App Store! This new version adds support for the larger iPhone 5 screen, Retina display graphics for iPad, and full support for iOS 6.