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Road to Awaken 6: Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode PlaybackAs we get closer to releasing the all new Awaken 6, we’ll be releasing a series of posts to cover the features and improvements since Awaken 5.

This would be a great time to send us feedback as we’ll have time to incorporate any changes in the final build.

In this latest release we’re adding the following improvements and features for Sleep Mode:

  • New restart button added to allow you to restart the countdown at anytime
  • New preview button allows you to preview your music selection and volume settings
  • Improved and redesigned full screen mode
  • Volume and brightness fade out duration can now be set

Watch the demo video above to see Sleep Mode in action.

Feedback can be sent via the comment form below, Twitter or Facebook.


  1. Wow! Jerry this looks amazing! I can’t wait to get the update, super excited. 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    I think it would be nice to have the timer function display the countdown in fullscreen mode. I was trying to come up with a way to see the countdown across the room, and even though I had a timer, fullscreen mode just showed the current time. Seems like a great function to me. Thanks for considering!

  3. Matthew Greenwald says:


    In Awaken 5 in timer moder, if I try to modify timers or add timers while another timer is running it cancels/stops the running timer. This is really frustrating when trying to cook a complex meal.

    Also sleep mode seems to put my mac to sleep but only to reawaken a few minutes later and begin playing music again.

    • Jerry Brace says:

      Hi Matthew,
      Awaken 6 will ensure that timers are not stopped while navigating around the app.

      Regarding the sleep mode issue – are you sure there are no alarms set?

      • Matthew Greenwald says:

        Hi Jerry,

        Good to hear, thanks for that.

        Yep, I don’t even have any alarms created. I don’t really use that functionality of awaken. So I am not sure what does it.


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