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Awaken 5.0.9 – iTunes 11 Support

iTunes 11When iTunes 11 was recently released, it appeared that Awaken continued to work unaffected by the huge iTunes visual redesign. However after further testing and your helpful feedback we discovered several bugs with iTunes playback with Awaken.

Instead of having you wait for Awaken 6, we just rolled these iTunes 11 fixes into a minor version update – version 5.0.9. If you’re using the non-Mac App Store version of Awaken you can get this update now by selecting “Check for Updates…” on the Awaken menu. If you’re using the Mac App Store version of Awaken you’ll see these update become available once Apple approves it (we submitted it for review a few days ago).

Please let us know if you are experiencing any other issues so that we can ensure Awaken 6 is bug free on launch.

Update (Dec 20): Awaken 5.0.9 is now available at the Mac App Store.


  1. F says:

    Well, since iTunes 11, Awaken only plays one song (if ‘play via iTunes’ is selected) and then stops playback (but thinks the alarm is still active). Playing via Awaken works, but not what I prefer.

    I can check quickly if the issue still persists by setting the alarm, then manually scrubbing through playback to a few seconds before the end and letting the song finish. iTunes never continues to the next one.

  2. Jerry Brace says:

    Awaken 5.0.10 is available and it addresses the issue where only the first song would play.

  3. The non-Mac App Store version of Awaken also includes the sparkle updater which allows you to update Awaken via “Check for Updates…” on the menu.

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