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Road Map Update

To keep you in the loop with our current progress and future plans, we would like to present you with this road map update.

Shuttle Scuttle 1.2 for iOS was recently made available in the App Store. This update includes full support for the 4″ Retina display on iPhone 5 and it addresses some issues related to iOS 6 compatibility. Shuttle Scuttle is also now on sale for just $0.99!

Shuttle Scuttle 1.2 for Mac has been submitted to Apple for review and should be available in the Mac App Store within the next week. This update adds support for Game Center which was introduced with OS X Mountain Lion. We also updated the game to widescreen (16:9) to better fill the latest Mac screen sizes.

Shuttle Scuttle 1.2.1 for iOS was submitted to Apple for review this evening. This update will sync all of your Game Center scores and achievements with the Mac version so that your progress is seamlessly updated if you play on both platforms. It also addresses a gameplay bug which was recently discovered.

Awaken 5.0.8 for Mac was submitted to Apple for review this evening as well. It addresses a display glitch when alarms and the sleep timer are playing on Retina displays.

This update also addresses the “blank preferences” window which was occurring on systems set to use the Chinese and Japanese languages.

Awaken 6 for Mac is nearly complete and the big item left to do now is ensuring that it works with the upcoming iTunes 11. iTunes 11 was originally planned to be released in October but Apple recently announced that it will be pushed to November. Since the end of November is nearly here we are expecting to be able to test with iTunes 11 soon and submit Awaken 6 to the Mac App Store. Awaken 6 will be a free major update for anyone who has purchased Awaken (either via the Mac App Store or via the Embraceware store using PayPal in the past).

Once Awaken 6 for Mac has been released we will focus on finishing up Awaken 2 for iOS. This will be a major update for the iOS version of Awaken and we can’t wait to get it out to you.

Early in the new year we’ll be launching a new puzzle game for iOS and Mac – stay tuned for more!

We hope that you find the road map update useful – we plan to keep doing these in the future. If you have any questions, comments or concerns that I haven’t covered in the road map update please contact us via the comment area below, or via Twitter or Facebook.

Embraceware Team


  1. Brian says:

    Will Awaken 6 continue to be delivered in two versions? Or will us PayPal folks be dragged into the App Store fold with this release?

  2. Jerry Brace says:

    Hi Brian,
    You’ll be able to update to Awaken 6 using the same process you use today to keep Awaken up to date (“Check for Updates…” within the App).

    I assured everyone in the above blog post that the update would be available to everyone with this statement: “Awaken 6 will be a free major update for anyone who has purchased Awaken (either via the Mac App Store or via the Embraceware store using PayPal in the past).”

    Thanks for contacting us here on the blog – we would like to make this a conversation area. We can’t wait to ship Awaken 6 – I better get back to testing 🙂

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