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Ultimate NES – Available now for iOS and Android

Ultimate NES Game Guide is a great gaming and collecting resource for one of the greatest video game libraries of all time: the Nintendo Entertainment System.

This definitive source contains reviews and screenshots of all of the mainstream games released for the video game console between 1985-1995. Read about hundreds of fun and classic 8-bit games like Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Castlevania, Punch-Out!!, Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man, The Legend of Zelda, and many more. Featuring all licensed and unlicensed titles, the app provides details for each game cart: developer, publisher, release date, genre, availability, and more.

It’s all here, so Nintendo and video game fans alike can learn about all the good, bad, and interesting games in the large and impressive NES library!

  • 800+ NES game reviews and screenshots, including games released exclusively in Europe and Australia.
  • Info for each game including genre, publisher, developer, release date, number of players, special features, availability, and estimated price.
  • App and community game ratings – judge them yourself and influence the guide!
  • Collection tools to track games owned, including boxes and manuals, with the ability to add games to a “want” list.
  • Powerful search engine to filter the game library by rating, publisher, developer, current price, collection status, release date, and more!
  • Popular NES devices, controllers, and console variants.
  • Cart variants, promo/special cartridges, and even test cartridges included!
  • Gaming info – tips, codes, and passwords for over 170 NES games!

Check out the Ultimate NES product page for more info!

AwakenHelper Updated to 6.0.2

AwakenHelper was recently updated to version 6.0.2. You can get this update by clicking on “Check for Updates Now…” from the AwakenHelper menu icon, or by downloading the latest version from the Awaken page.

This update fixes a slow startup / hang issue that has been occurring on some systems.

A 6.0.1 update is coming soon for the main Awaken application which will bring speed improvements and corrections for all minor bugs that have been reported to date.